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Pretty Little Melts Logo Design

Pretty Little Melts - Logo Design Case Study

Pretty Little Melts - Logo Design Case Study

Elle became my client as part of the pilot phase when I launched my new services in June/July 2019 and I recently designed the logo design and brand identity for her business, Pretty Little Melts

Pretty Little Melts offer handmade luxury home fragrance that is affordable and made from 100% soy wax so they're vegan friendly too, yay! We could all take more time and TLC and Elle's mission is to bring you luxury home fragrance that encourages you to take that time to look after yourself and benefits your health and well being. 

We had our first consultation and Elle sent her brand workbook over to me, filled out and doodled in so much detail and bursting with inspiration for Pretty Little Melts logo design concepts. During our first conversation, I asked Elle if she had chance to create any kind of inspiration mood board and she sent over a few images - it was at this point I knew I was going to really enjoy this project, I had saved most of the same or very similar images myself. Knowing you're on the same page as a client is a feeling that NEVER gets old. 

The Problem

Through our conversations and the brand workbook, we established some key issues with the previous brand identity for Pretty Little Melts:

  • Using two different logo designs on products, causing possible confusion.
  • 'PLM' was used on both of these logo designs, however PLM did not stand strong as an identifier. Elle's website is optimised to be visible under Pretty Little Melts.

Pretty Little Melts needed a logo design that addressed these key points and also brings together the core values and personality of the brand. 

Core Values
  • 110% Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Ingredients
Personality Traits
  • Honest and reliable
  • Colourful and creative
  • Calm and caring
Pretty Little Melts Diffuser
Pretty Little Melts Wax Melts
The previous Pretty Little Melts Logo Designs​​​​
The Solution

I gathered inspiration and began sketching ideas before bringing the developed concepts into Adobe Illustrator to finalise them. You can learn more about my logo design process here.

From the issues identified, I knew that I would create one singular logo design that would be strong across all of the variations of the luxury home fragrance products and the whole brand name, Pretty Little Melts, needed to be visible on all of these too. I had the sizes of the different stickers from Elle so I knew what I was working with and kept this in mind at all times. 

I presented two logo design concepts to Elle, both with sticker mockups so the designs could be visualised in a real life setting. The final design is one that, with a few tweaks, we brought together by taking pieces from each concept - seen below. 

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The logo is sleek, modern and professional yet still communicates so many feelings about the Pretty Little Melts brand. 

The colours convey Elle's openness and honesty, while still being close to blues that can be found in nature, just like the quality natural ingredients customers can expect to be found in their luxury home fragrance products. The boldness of Pretty Little Melts is confident and strong while the plm in the background is a nod to the previous logos and the signature handmade products. The tagline 'luxury home fragrance' is positioned so that it can work across any of the sticker variations and in the main logo, the curved aspect represents Pretty Little Melts 110% customer satisfaction (seriously, check out Elle's reviews) - it's almost a smile, in a minimal kind of way. 

Here's what Elle had to say on the logo design process...

From Pretty Little Melts:


Q. Did GEM Design Studio meet your expectations?

A. Yes! And much, much more, Gemma was incredible throughout the whole process and I love my new logo and design. 

Q. How would you rate your experience with GEM Design Studio?

A. Only one answer for this question! It has to be 10/10.

Q. What would have made your experience better?

A. I honestly can’t think of anything else that could have made it better, I’m so thankful for all the hard work Gemma has put into my brand.

Q. Was it easy to purchase the service and work together?

A. Yes very simple bank transfer.

Q. How likely are you to repeat business with GEM Design Studio?

A. Extremely likely, Gemma will be my first point of contact if I need anything doing.

Q. Did you feel comfortable working with Gemma?

A. Yes we had a great chat over the phone for our consultation and I felt Gemma was really trying to get to know myself and my brand ethics. 

Q. What was the most memorable thing from your experience?

A. When I saw the finalised designs, I felt so proud of my brand and what it has achieved and Gemma gave me the professional look I had always been after.

Q. What do you like most about GEM Design Studio?

A. How friendly Gemma was, throughout the whole process nothing was too much to ask. She was always so helpful. 

Q. Anything else you would like to add…

A. Just a massive thank you! You have really exceeded my expectations of a logo! You’ve really brought my brand together 😊

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Owner of GEM Design Studio and Founder of The Ladies Who Trade, Gemma is a graphic designer specialising in logo design and brand identity for small and independent businesses. Gemma loves cheese, fonts and supporting her fellow women in business.