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Pilates with Claire - Logo Design Case Study

Pilates with Claire - Logo Design Case Study


Claire became my client as part of the pilot phase when I launched my new services in June/July 2019 and is a fully qualified and experienced Pilates Instructor specialising in Movement Rehabilitation, particularly focusing on Fascial Health. Claire believes how a person moves, is a good indicator of both physical and mental well being.

Pilates with Claire offer: Pilates classes, small group classes in the studio and Private 1:1 sessions on my studio equipment.

When I launched the pilot phase, I asked applicants why they thought this service was a good fit for their business. The moment I saw Claire's response, I typed up an email that said "LET'S WORK TOGETHER" or something a bit wordier but along those lines. It was instantly clear to me just how passionate Claire is about her work and as her personality, enthusiasm and expert knowledge (through 21years of experience) stand at the forefront of her classes and business, I wanted to create a logo design that embodied this. 

The Problem

Through the brand workbook and our first consultation together, we established that Claire has a loyal group of clients who love her classes, however Pilates with Claire wasn't readily visible to a wider audience of possible pilates newbies looking for weekly classes and corporates looking for an in-house solution. With the corporate market in mind, Pilates with Claire also needed a professional identity yet one that still resonated with Claire's values and the individuals looking for weekly classes with a personable teacher. 

The Solution

From our first conversation, ideas were jumping around my mind about how I could give Pilates with Claire a logo design and identity that shines with personality and hits home Claire's core values: professionalism, sincerity and care. 

I gathered inspiration and began sketching ideas before bringing the developed concepts into Adobe Illustrator to finalise them. You can learn more about my logo design process here.

Below are the concepts I presented to Claire initially. 

Pilates with Claire - Initial concepts

Claire responded that she loved the energy of the first geometric concept and how it looked on a vest, so we played around with some colour variations. The decision was made to keep the energy from the initial colour scheme and then the logo was finalised by adding "barre pilates • personal training • body conditioning" as a tagline and I delivered the final files to Claire. 

I also created a Canva account for Pilates with Claire and filled it with the colour scheme, pattern and logo variations. Below is the final result:

I have to add that Pilates with Claire has been one of my favourite projects to work on to date. I loved our first consultation and Claire's brand workbook was inspiring to read, plus there’s the fact that I love the logo we have created together, it really suits Pilates with Claire and achieves the goals we set out to achieve. 

From Pilates with Claire:


Firstly, like some great banana I started to tear up when I saw the logo and all the different sizes and formats you have designed for me and now having used Canva for the first time properly to create a facebook ad I was stunned with the immediate (3mins) response it got from people! I really have been amazed with how it's propelled me into thinking more professionally and feeling that I actually have a brand and it stands for something.

The look is great, modern, business-like, sophisticated and vibrant. How you put together all the information and ramblings from the marketing workbook and came out with the (I want to put 'our') logo is truly remarkable. Possibly magic! I felt you never raised an eyebrow at my ineptitude with technology and gently pushed me along, which is what I have always struggled with...I don't know how or what to do to start...honestly I can say now I think I'm going to be ok at this!

Q. Did GEM Design Studio meet your expectations?

A. GEM Design Studio has totally exceeded my expectations! I didn't realise you would help me so much and give me so much extra information about branding and marketing that was great.

Q. How would you rate your experience with GEM Design Studio?

A. If I had to rate my experience with Gem Design Studio I would definitely say I couldn't have asked for anything better and for anybody better.

Q. What would have made your experience better?

A. I am really thinking hard about how to make the experience better and I think the only thing I could think of is if I could have a look at your studio and how you work, this is purely because I am nosey. Maybe a virtual tour!

Q. Was it easy to purchase the service and work together?

A. It was an incredibly easy process to purchase your services as you supplied all the software for signing in etc and banking so it was quick and easy!  Also I felt I could approach you with any idea or suggestion and when I asked for different colour ways it was done instantly even though I went with the first one!

Q. How likely are you to repeat business with GEM Design Studio?

A. This experience has been a joy and I'm so happy with the end result that I would only use GEM Design Studio.  If I needed any other work doing I would always use your service.  I have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone and everyone and given the responses so far I hope I can do this.

Q. Did you feel comfortable working with Gemma?

A. I felt so comfortable working with Gemma, I felt in safe hands even if I didn't quite know myself what I wanted!

Q. What was the most memorable thing from your experience?

A. The most memorable thing I gained from the whole experience apart from speaking to Gemma was the sitting down and really thinking hard about what I do which bared no resemblance to what I really do! It really focused my mind and has given me direction.

Q. What do you like most about GEM Design Studio?

A. Where do I start here, the things I liked most about GEM Design Studio is possibly that you are taken on a journey from the source to the sea.  The ease of the process and the step by step gradual build towards the end result.

Q. Anything else you would like to add…

A. Finally I think this is exactly what I have needed to do for ages and never got round to doing, mainly because I didn't know who, what or where to start. I feel the frustration of not being able to move forward with my business has left me and has been replaced with renewed enthusiasm for what I do.

Claire Eames

/ Pilates with Claire

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