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Garden 2 Home: Case study

Garden 2 Home are a small independent family run company who offer quality products at sensible prices along with the best possible customer service and their brand represents this. Garden 2 Home only sell online, keeping overheads down and therefore allowing them to be the most competitive within their market place.

Garden 2 Home have been very successful over the years, selling their high quality garden furniture and accessories across multiple online channels such as their own website, Amazon and eBay. As more and more businesses are moving to sell their products online, these channels have added more hoops to jump through in order to successfully sell products on their platforms and rightly so as these measures are what gives consumers a better buying experience and the tools to make more informed choices, ultimately leading to happier customers with higher quality products. Which is what we all want - so what's the problem?

Garden 2 Home 630003_Hampton Duo Arbour
Garden 2 Home 600001 Apleton Picnic Bench 1.3m
Garden 2 Home 640002 Dalton Curved Arch
The Problem

While these additional measures are fantastic news for consumers, it can be difficult for small business owners to stay ahead of these changes and updates to the platforms, especially when they are already their own bookkeepers, marketers, customer service team and much more. 

One of the changes implemented by Amazon's Seller Central platform last year, was to ensure all products were photographed on a plain white background rather than in a scene or in use, this is so consumers can see exactly what it is they're buying with zero confusion. While this would be a fairly easy fix for businesses selling smaller products, the difficulty for Garden 2 Home was that most of their products are large, wooden pieces that, for delivery reasons, are not pre-assembled. The hours and space needed to put all of these products together and rephotograph them professionally was almost incomprehensible - plus there's the fact that these items, especially the larger and more expensive of which, would no longer be eligible for sale once they had been put together, let alone impossible to deliver to anyone who wanted to buy them. 

The Solution

Garden 2 Home approached me and asked me to help find a cost effective solution for them, I ran some tests and established the best option was to use Adobe Photoshop to edit their current images onto white backgrounds. In many instances this included editing out plants and other items that covered the products in places. This saved Garden 2 Home a huge amount of time and money while fulfilling Amazon's image requirements and keeping their spot in the search rankings. Here's an example:

Garden 2 Home, Monthly Design Package, Amazon Product Image Enhancements
The Future

Since editing the original product images, I have helped Garden 2 Home source and set up a professional photography studio in their warehouse so they can continue to produce images compliant with Amazon's policies as they add more products to their ranges and I retouch their new images on a regular basis. I have also redesigned their eBay listings to give customers a better visual experience while shopping with them and created many different leaflets and adverts for Garden 2 Home. Our work has been very successful together and we have lots of ideas for the future, keep your eyes peeled for more to come. 

Garden 2 Home, Monthly Design Package, eBay Listing Design
From Garden 2 Home


I am extremely pleased with the final product that Gemma has produced. She was fast, personable and really worked with me to perfect the final concept. She knows her stuff and has lots of talent and a creative eye. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you.

Samantha Thirsk

/ Garden 2 Home


Owner of GEM Design Studio and Founder of The Ladies Who Trade, Gemma is a graphic designer specialising in logo design and brand identity for small and independent businesses. Gemma loves cheese, fonts and supporting her fellow women in business.