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COMING SOON - All female coworking space in ancoats, manchester

The Ladies Who Trade is a group for service swapping, networking and empowering women who work for themselves and we will soon have our very own all-female coworking space in Ancoats, excited much?!

TLWT champion all things community and our group is a safe place for women working for themselves to make friends and support each other. Our first ever coworking space will be a home for our community spirit and will be a fantastic opportunity for self-employed and freelance ladies to get out of the lonely world that can be working from home and make real connections with like minded people, all without breaking the bank. 

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"this will be Manchester's first all-female coworking space and Manchester's lowest cost fixed desk coworking solution"


Let's go back to 2018, I moved to Manchester and worked from home running GEM Design Studio. I loved my business and my clients from day one and I couldn't be happier to be working for myself but looking back now I was pretty miserable with my physical office setup.

My office was originally in our spare room but this became a pain when having guests stay over and so I moved into the living room. My computer was always there staring at me, willing (guilt tripping) me to do more work and as a result I was working a ridiculous amount of hours a week. I had no social interaction with anyone other than my Amazon delivery driver and my partner Jack and I would literally go days on end without actually going outside. 

When I decided that something needed to change, I spent MONTHS looking and looking and looking again for some kind of fixed desk coworking solution in Manchester but the most financially viable option I could find was £250pm. I didn't need an all singing all dancing office with a pool table and showers, I just needed a desk, WiFi and some like minded people. Enter Pollard Yard - the saviour.

I moved into a converted shipping container in June 2019 at Pollard Yard and I haven't looked back since. Surprisingly, once you're inside the containers it feels like you're in any other office and the community here is incredible. I now work 10am - 6pm on weekdays only and when I leave work I switch off completely, yet despite the dramatic drop in my hours, there has been a huge increase in my productivity. I get more done, have signed more new clients than ever, get much more sleep and just generally feel so much happier and I believe there are other women who could and deserve to benefit from this space too. 


For the pilot phase, there will be 3 desks available in one container (4 in total as I will be in there too, hi 👋), with possible expansion in the future. Everything in the office will be included in the membership fee (your desk, chair, storage, WiFi, electric, facilities) and after my research I believe this will be Manchester's first all-female coworking space and Manchester's lowest cost fixed desk coworking solution. 


Situated next door to Wellington Mill and Ashton Canal, on Pollard Street East (Manchester), Pollard Yard is a busy hub of creatives and independent businesses, within 10-15 mins walking distance of Manchester City Centre. Converted shipping containers provide the perfect space for studios and offices, The Ladies Who Trade coworking space will be inside one of these containers and fully kitted out for all of your office needs. 

Outside the space, Pollard Yard June 2019 - a work in progress

Around 30 containers are located at Pollard Yard currently and the rest of the land has been made available to local event, festival and market organisers in need of outdoor space in central Manchester. We've already had some top secret music video filming going on in the car park, but I didn't tell you that 😉

Later in 2019, another 200 container workspaces will be added, alongside more investment in the site, shared facilities and breakout space. Phase 2 is currently underway as another 65 containers are added. 

Pollard Yard Plan

The plan for Pollard Yard


There isn't a confirmed opening date for The Ladies Who Trade all-female coworking space in Manchester just yet as I'm registering interest at the moment, however I'm aiming for October 2019.


Membership details are still to be 100% confirmed as I'm aiming to gain insight from members about what they would like to ultimately gain from the space however below is a rough overview of how the space is likely to run: 

  • Everything inside the office is included in the monthly fee including your desk, chair, small lockable storage, high speed internet, and electric
  • Fully furnished office that will feel like a home-office away from home
  • Your own fixed desk, work in the same spot everyday
  • Secure site with 24/7 access
  • Tea/coffee facilities and microwave (an onsite kitchen will be added later in the year)
  • Access to thriving network group The Ladies Who Trade
  • Onsite paid secure parking or free on street parking in the local area
  • All-female office, up to a maximum of 4 members
  • Surrounded by 100+ other small businesses at Pollard Yard
  • Convenient Ancoats / New-Islington location, 10-15 min walking distance to city centre, 3 min to Holt Town tram stop
  • Regular TLWT and Pollard Yard meet-ups and social events
  • Monthly rolling contract, guide prices: First 3 months pilot phase £99pm, £125pm thereafter (Cheapest equivalent in the area is currently approx. £250pm)

Register your interest

If The Ladies Who Trade all-female coworking space in Manchester sounds like a perfect fit for you, register your interest below and I'll get in touch with updates and availability. Please also feel free to share this with other ladies who might not be in the group yet. 

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Owner of GEM Design Studio and Founder of The Ladies Who Trade, Gemma is a graphic designer specialising in logo design and brand identity for small and independent businesses. Gemma loves cheese, fonts and supporting her fellow women in business.