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CGA Accountancy York:
Case Study

So before I get started on this one, I want to say CGA's logo design wasn't created by me - CGA Accountancy have been solving their client's problems for a lot longer than I have even been alive. In the 100 or so years they have been in business, they have developed a solid brand and a logo design that has been updated a few times over the years into the unique and eye catching design it is today. Their current design is based on "Coffee and Good Advice" as that's what CGA do best.

cga accountancy york logo design
CGA Accountancy York Logo Design
The Problem

Chelle and Claire from CGA asked me to work with them to produce images for their social media posts and design their monthly email newsletter. CGA were already posting on social media and sending out monthly newsletters, although the voice and visuals didn't quite line up with their brand and engagement was fairly low. With HMRC's move for Making Tax Digital, they also needed their brand to shift towards digital accounting and really show off how they make their client's lives easier. 

The Solution

We had an initial meeting where I got to know their brand inside and out, I ensured I understood their values, personality and the voice they want to use to connect with their audience. The project was discussed in-depth and I put a detailed plan in place for our work together to ultimately drive awareness and growth for their brand and business. 

I started by updating CGA's social media profiles to reflect their business and making it easy for their audience to find them. Since then I have designed all of their social media posts and their monthly newsletters and due to the success we have had working together, we are now discussing additional possibilities so keep your eyes peeled on more to come from CGA Accountancy York

The Results and The Future

In the first month alone, CGA saw a 231% increase in their Facebook post engagements, 400% increase in Facebook Page previews and 700% increase in new followers. The first monthly newsletter had an open rate of 42% and click rate of 7% (the financial industry averages are: open Rate - 15.2% and click rate - 1.4%) - this is fantastic news for CGA and I look forward to working with them closely in the coming months. You can check out what CGA Accountancy have been up to here.

cga staff profile lawrence
CGA monthly newsletter


Digital accountants, E-accountant, cloud accountant, paperless technologist tax planner, real-time analyser and advisor – all of these descriptions are a fit for CGA, social media has a place in our world.


We had so many ideas for posts and for achieving quality engagement in respect of our digital newsletters and social media sites but never had the time to put these into a strategic plan. Our posts were ad-hoc and not joined up. It was an item on our list of “things to do” that never quite made it into the high priority section!


Not only did we want to achieve a consistent approach, it was important that the content also reflected our brand and culture and was aimed at clients that we wanted to attract. In addition we wanted to ensure that our website remained fluid from a content point of view and remained high up in the all-important Google ranking spotlight.


Quite a big overall task – we thought!


GEM Design Studio has already helped us to make great steps towards all of the above. Gemma made it clear that we couldn’t just “hand-over” the social media to a 3rd party, the only way we could reflect our brand etc was to be part of the team working towards the above outcomes. Gemma helped us put together a plan, it was great to just “mind dump” all of our ideas on Gemma and have a planning document for review within 7 days. We have set deadlines to produce various content for Gemma to take and shape into elements of our plan, the initial concern was whether or not we could commit to provide the content, but Gemma has made that easy and very little of what we provide requires a huge amount of time at our end. We now have a fresh new Newsletter platform that provides excellent analytics – we can access the information whenever we want but Gemma also monitors these and gives feedback as part of the service. Social media posts are planned and scheduled and the increase in traffic and interaction is pretty much off the charts – we still have work to do but with Gemma working with us on a monthly basis we are confident that we will achieve everything we set out to achieve and more.

Claire Barnard

/ CGA Accountancy York

Owner of GEM Design Studio and Founder of The Ladies Who Trade, Gemma is a graphic designer specialising in logo design and brand identity for small and independent businesses. Gemma loves cheese, fonts and supporting her fellow women in business.