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The Expert Guide to Brand a Small Business eBook and Workbook

The Expert Guide to Branding a Small Business - eBook and Workbook

Why do i need to complete the brand workbook?

I ask all my new clients to complete my simple yet effective online brand workbook, purpose built for branding a small business.

The reason I ask this of you is to give me exceptional understanding of your business to create the perfect designs for you - you can also keep it and take it with you once we're done. You'll discover your brand and learn how to communicate it to your target market.

How long will it take?

I recommend that you take your time to fill in the workbook. Set aside a few hours over a couple of days to complete the steps in detail.

How do I complete the workbook?

When you download the file, you will find a link to the printable black and white version. You can fill it in however you like, I recommend either using Adobe Acrobat or printing and sending a scan/photos back to me once it's complete. If you have any questions at anytime just contact me

What will I gain from the workbook?

We will both learn:

  • The importance of branding for small business
  • Key branding terms explained
  • How to define your brand and it's values
  • How to target your people
  • How to use what we learn to create your brand identity


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