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Tips and Support

Why Your Target Audience Isn’t Everyone… (and how to find your people)
When I ask business owners who their product or service is targeted towards, a lot of people are quick to say "everyone really". Your target audience is something that is decided early on in the product or service development process but it's a decision that could come back to bite you throughout your whole business journey if it's a bit too vague. Your target audience isn't everyone, here's why:
Key Branding Terms: Explained
I’ve picked the important terms that are useful to you as a small business and defined them. I’m going to tell you the small business branding basics – the terms you need to know. Not included: the terms that will boggle your brain and not give you any useful insights at all.
Welcome to the GEM Design Studio Blog
Welcome to the launch of the new improved GEM Design Studio website. My name is Gemma and I am a logo design and brand identity specialist based in Manchester, UK.